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River in Firing Line of Water Wars
When water supplies dwindle, animosity can arise between environmental and agricultural interests, with both sides questioning water management policies.

Caloosatchee River's Salinity a Balancing Act
The Caloosahatchee River and estuary have often been compared to Goldilocks.

Gov. Scott Signs Legislation to Cut SFWMD Funding
Gov. Rick Scott drew the ire of environmental groups when he came to the SFWMD to celebrate slashing the budget of the agency that leads Everglades restoration.

Water Managers Should Get An Earful
Some officials and environmentalists are rightly angered by a dismissive answer from regional water managers about local concerns over the distribution of water in the current drought.

Water Managers Hurt Caloosahatchee System
The presence of toxic blue-green algae upstream of the Franklin Lock and Dam in the Caloosahatchee River is a vivid reminder of the SFWMD's failure to properly manage our precious water resources.

Restoring Everglades Will Boost Economy
Florida voters overwhelming support continuing the work to restore the Everglades ecosystem and oppose efforts to further defund this initiative.

Law Could Foul Waters
If passed, two bills in the Florida Legislature dealing with fertilizer use would make a mess of state waterways, environmentalists say.

Lawmakers Help Muddy Waters Around Us
U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney recently tacked a rider on the federal budget package that would prohibit the EPA from enacting tighter restrictions on the amount of phosphorous and nitrogen that may be flushed into Florida's public waters.

Editorial: Don't Curb Everglades Restoration
Gov. Rick Scott needs to get a strong grip on state spending, but he should not use that as a justification for crippling fundamental state policies, such as Everglades restoration.

Caloosahatchee River's Ills Start with Lake Okeechobee
The source of southwest Florida's lifeblood needs help, and money is scarce.

Governor Scott, Districts Vie for Water Control
Plan may derail Everglades work.

Hard Limits for Pollutants in Florida Waterways
Florida has became the first state to have numeric water pollution standards imposed by the federal government.

River at Risk
The News-Press has published a multi-media presentation regarding key critical water resource issues.

Caloosahatchee River Serves as Lifeblood of Southwest Florida
Lee County Board of County Commissioners chairwoman and Tourist Development Council chairwoman Tammy Hall speaks out on the protection and preservation of the Caloosahatchee River.

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Phosphorus [P]:
An element or nutrient required for energy production in living organisms; distributed into the environment mostly as phosphates by agricultural runoff and life cycles; frequently the limiting factor for growth of microbes and plants.

Blue-Green Algae:
A type of algae natural to our area that blooms in the climatic and nutrient conditions it finds favorable.

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